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Getting around Copenhagen

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Getting around Copenhagen

If you are about to visit Copenhagen for a short break or an extended stay, we have put together all the information you need to know about various was of getting around Copenhagen.  Copenhagen is quite compact and very flat so walking around the city or cycling is easy, but there are plenty of other options too.  If you are using the public transport system the majority of staff speak very good English and are happy to help.  Copenhagen is also easily accessible if you are disabled and is an excellent website if you are planning an outing and want to check accessibility provisions.

Things to do before you travel

Before you travel have a think about what kind of travel you are going to undertake and make a decision on whether you want to invest in a City Pass, a Copenhagen Card or not bother with either.  There is nothing worse than arriving at the airport when you are tired and trying to make a decision at that point. 

  • The Copenhagen City Pass – is great value and is available for 24 hours (DKK 80 adult) or 72 hours (DKK 200 adult).  This will cover your journey to and from the airport and for any metro, train and buses within the city centre (zones 1-4).  Two children under the age of 12 can also travel with you for free on this ticket.  If you are a couple and wish to travel independently then make sure you buy a ticket for each mobile using the DOT Mobilbilletter app (see below)
  • The Copenhagen Card – is aimed at tourists who wish to make savings on travel and attractions.  It is quite expensive but can save you money if you are planning on visiting lots of attractions such as the Kronborg Castle or the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art.  Our advice is to have a think about what attractions you are and use the Copenhagen Card website to calculate your savings.  Remember if you have the card you are more likely to visit more attractions.  The card is available for 24, 48, 72 or 120 hours and you buy it online and receive a pdf by email.  You then arrange for the card and information booklet to be posted to you or you can them from one of the following locations:
    • Copenhagen Airport Terminal 3
    • Copenhagen Visitor Centre, Vesterbrogade 4B,1620 Copenhagen
    • Copenhagen Information Centre, Bernstoffsgade 16,1577 Copenhagen
    • Tivoli Box Office, Vesterbrogade 3,1620 Copenhagen
If you are disabled and using a Copenhagen Card you are allowed to bring an attendant free of charge.
  • Not bother with either – this is an option depending on your location and if you are planning to visit the many free attractions such as the Little Mermaid, the National Museum or attractions which are not included such as the Canal Trip and the Carlsberg Brewery.  You can quite easily buy a single ticket to and from the airport.  You can then choose to get around the city on foot, by bike (which you can hire easily) by bus, by metro or by taxi (see below).

DOT Mobilbilletter app

Both the Copenhagen City Pass and the Copenhagen Card can be purchased using the DOT Mobilbilletter app on your phone.  If you wish to use this option it might be worth downloading this onto your phone before you travel so you don’t have to think about data allowances and the cost of downloading once you arrive.

DOT Mobilbilletter for Android

DOT Mobilbilletter for iPhone

You can click "Indstillinger" (settings) followed by "Sprog" (language) to select English version.

Other ways to buy tickets

If you don’t wish to use tickets on your phone there are other ways to purchase train, metro and bus tickets, although it is worth noting that not all tickets types / travel cards are available from the machines.

Copenhagen ticket machines

The Copenhagen ticket machines are easy to use and you can choose the instructions in Danish or in English.  The machines take Danish coins or credit cards and there is usually someone on hand to help you at the machines at the arrivals hall of Copenhagen airport.  You can also buy the Copenhagen City Pass from these ticket machines.

7 Eleven Kiosks

You can also buy tickets from 7 Eleven kiosks which are often located at trains and metro stations if you prefer a human interaction!

Ways to travel when you are in the city centre


The Copenhagen Metro has two lines.  They both run from Vanløse in the west, to the central station of Kongens Nyrtov.  The green line then continues down to Vestamager in the south whilst the yellow line also goes south but terminates at Copenhagen Airport.

You must always have a valid ticket to travel on the metro or you might face a fine and metro tickets can also be used on buses and trains.

Disabled access: All metro stations have elevators and good access.


The yellow Copenhagen buses are plentiful and frequent.  You can work out which bus to get from the Journey Planner (Rejseplanen). You must always travel with a valid ticket which you can buy on your phone, at a ticket machine or kiosk or if you have some change you can sometime buy a ticket from the bus driver still.

Disabled access: Most buses have an access ramp on their middle doors and a call button outside by the doors.  The driver is not able to provide assistance getting on and off the bus.

Copenhagen Harbour Bus

If you want to experience the city from the water a great means of transport is the Harbour Bus.  The boats are the same yellow as the buses, and use the same payment system.  They are covered by the Copenhagen City Pass or your Copenhagen Card.  There are three main lines:

  • 991 runs north though the harbour
  • 992 runs south through the harbour
  • 993 runs between the Nyhaven, the Experimentarium and the Opera, Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 18.00, and between the Opera and the Nyhavn between 18.00 and 23.00.

Disabled access: The harbour buses are wheelchair accessible.

Taxi – Taxa 4 x 35

Taxis are privately owned and a ride from the airport should cost you around DDK 250 to 300 and take around 20 minutes depending on the traffic.  You can use the Taxa 4x35 app to order a taxi and to pay online.  Alternatively most taxis use contactless payment systems.  Not all taxi drivers speak English.

Disabled access: All taxis can take collapsible wheelchairs.


Copenhagen is perfectly adapted for cycling with an enormous cycle network so why not hire a bike while you are here.  Cycling in Copenhagen is very safe as the city really is geared towards the cyclist.

There are plenty of bike rental shops, or you can hire a Copenhagen City Bike for 25kr an hour and they even come with built in GPS.  You can even take your bike on the metro or some trains if you wish to go further afield.  Disability or family bikes can also be rented.

Read our blog all about Cycling in Copenhagen here.

Electric car hire

If you do need a car whilst in Copenhagen you can hire electric cars using an app called Drive Now.  There are pick up / drop off points all over the city and they really are fun to use.

Travelling further afield

The train is a great option if you want to travel outside Copenhagen for example visit Aarhus, Aalborg, Odense or even Helsingør where you can catch a ferry to Helsingborg in Sweden!

Disabled access:  Assistance getting on and off regional trains can be booked (more than 12 hours in advance) via DSB Handicap Service, Phone: (+45) 70 13 14 19, Open every day 08.00 - 15.00 (8am - 3pm).  If you are travelling on an S-Train, most trains and stations have step free access, or please present yourself at the front carriage and signal to the driver, who will arrange a manual slope and assistance for you.

Where to stay in Copenhagen

If you are looking for somewhere to stay while you are in Copenhagen, our Living Suites Copenhagen apartment hotel is brand new with fantastic facilities.  We have a range of different sized apartments, perfect for singles and couples, families and groups and holidays or business!  We also have four XL apartments that are disabled friendly.

Our Copenhagen North, apartment hotel is situated 200 meters from the bus stop with multiple bus services and the local train line that directly connects to Copenhagen city centre, Lyngby, the Technical University of Denmark, DTU Scion as well as a number of local corporations.

Photo credit: Visit Denmark

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