Copenhagen is known world-wide for The Little Mermaid, but did you know that Helsingør has their own interpretation? It’s called HAN and portraits a boy sitting on a rock. The sculpture is very modern, made in blank polished steel, and sometimes he even winks at you.

The city of Helsingør

Helsingør is a very cultural city, which combines the old with the new – it is definitely worth a visit!

Helsingør is located only 20 minutes by car from the hotel (40- if you take the scenic route) and there’s easy parking. If you prefer to take public transportation, you take bus 150S to Kokkedal Station and change to the train for Helsingør Station.

Helsingør is the place in Denmark that is closest to Sweden – only 5 km separates the two countries. If you visit Kronborg (Hamlet’s Castle), you can easily look across the narrow sea. If you would like to visit Sweden, the ferry runs all day 2-4 times an hour.

What to see?

All year around you can experience different events by Kronborg; in the summer they do Hamlet Live, which is an amazing experience for guests of all ages.

This gigant fortress is also a nice place to take a walk or enjoy a picnic in the Summer time. A lot of Danes are also fishing by the castle in hope of catching swordfish.

But Helsingør is much more than Kronborg. Right beside Kronborg you will find M/S Museet for Søfart (Maritime Museum of Denmark), which is made in an actual old dry dock! The museum has been called “A cutting-edge cultural venue” by The New York Times, and “One of the eight greatest new museums” by BBC, and it has won several international awards.

If you have time, and really want to experience the city, you should pick up the free guidebook for “Elsinore Walk” at The Culture Yard or in one of the museums.

The route will take you through 800 years of history, and you will experience 20 different cultural attractions.

We hope that you will enjoy Helsingør!


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