Whether you are interested in art, history or something else – we probably have a museum for it. On this list you will find some of the museums, but be aware that we have lots more!

Museums in Nærum and the surrounding area

Sommer’s Automobile Museum is located just 5-minute walk from the hotel. They are only open on Sundays, 14.00-17.00, but if you like cars, you should definitely schedule a visit! The museum consists of the private collection of cars from Ole Sommer, and with different special exhibitions throughout the year.

Vedbækfundene and Mothsgården are two museums in near proximity to the hotel. The tickets include entrance to both museums.

Vedbækfundene is located in Holte and showcases tombs from the Hunter Stone Age, 7000 years ago. Take a walk through the primeval forest or play with the reconstructions of the hunters’ tools.

Mothsgården was built in the 17thcentury and the exhibition tells the story of Rudersdal going back 500 years. The focus is on the interplay between nature and human beings, which shaped a lot of the landscape we know today.

Museums in North Zealand

The Nivaagaard Collection is located in Nivå and showcases paintings from the Italian and Northern European Renaissance, the Dutch Baroque and the Danish Golden Age. Take the scenic route north from the hotel and you will be there in 15 minutes. The museum also presents special exhibitions throughout the year, often featuring modern or contemporary art.

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art is located in Humlebæk a short 20-minute drive from the hotel. At Louisiana, art, architecture and nature forms a special unity and together with the relaxing atmosphere, the museum is a true pleasure to visit. The museum shows a permanent collection and changing exhibitions of art, films and concerts. They have a large children’s wing with different activities related to the exhibitions, as well as a café, serving modern Danish food, and a museum shop with everything in Scandinavian design.

Museums in Copenhagen

Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, or just Glyptoteket, displays ancient and modern art in unique surroundings. Inside the museum you will find an amazing winter garden, perfect if you need to relax or refresh yourself. The museum houses two main departments, Antiquities and Modern; in the antiquities department you will find collections of Egyptian, Greek, Etruscan and Roman, and in the modern department you will find Danish paintings and sculptures from the 19thand 20thcentury, as well as French art.

The National Museum is located in The Price’s Palace, which was built in 1743-1744. Inside, you will find a very large ethnographical collection, a collection of classical and near eastern antiquities, a coin- and medal collection, and a toy museum. There is an amazing collection of archaeological findings from the Viking age, and well-preserved remains dating all the way back to the first decade of the first century AD. The National Museum is a great museum if you have kids.


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