The Deer Park

Looking for an extraordinary nature experience? Well, look no further! This photographer’s paradise of a nature resort is ready to take you in and let you forget everything about the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The Deer Park

The UNESCO world heritage: The Par force hunting landscape comprises of Gribskov Forest, the Great Deer Park and Jægersborg Deer Park and Enclosure.

Just a few minutes from the hotel, you will find this amazing natural resort. Indulge in more than 1000 acres of wide-open landscapes, small lakes and lush forests, and enjoy the fresh Nordic air. The name ‘Dyrehaven’ translates into ‘The Deer Park’, and the area is renowned for the more than 2000 free range deer that inhabit the park.

The Deer Park is definitely worth a visit no matter the season! From the leaves changing color in the fall, to the warm days in the sun during the summer. Whether you would like to enjoy a picnic, or go jogging, biking or horseback riding, The Deer Park is the place for you.

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UNESCO World Heritage Site

In 2015, The Deer Park was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, because of its significant history. The Deer Park was once used for hunting by the Danish royalty – parforce hunts – which is still clear in the landscape today. Visiting the park, you will notice that the roads are linked in a special star-shape, which made it easier to keep track of the dogs used for hunting.

Hubertus hunt

Once each year, on the first Sunday in November, you can experience the Hubertus hunt in the park. The Hubertus hunt is a symbolic continuation of the old parforce hunts for which Dyrehaven was originally built. The tradition dates back to 1900 and is the final hunt of the season. Today, there are no hunting dogs, and the fox is replaced by two experienced riders, who ride the front with fox tails on their riding jackets.


The Deer Park is also home to the world’s oldest amusement park – Dyrehavsbakken. Dating all the way back to 1583 when it was just a marketplace. You will find 32 running rides and 35 games in the park, as well as a variety of restaurants and bars.

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