In Denmark, we can pride ourself of having the two oldest amusement parks in the world – Tivoli is one of them. They opened in 1843 with just a couple of rides and has grown into the third most visited amusement park in Europe.

Seasons in Tivoli

Tivoli is not open all year around, so we recommend that you check the opening seasons on their website before travelling. Currently, Tivoli has 5 seasons; Summer, Halloween, Christmas, Winter and Easter.

The Summer season is from April to September and is the traditional season for opening. During the Summer, Tivoli is visited by over 3 million guests! The Summer season invites you in to a beautifully coloured garden with a wealth of flowers. Plænen (The Open Air Stage) offer chairs to relax and enjoy the sun, every Friday there is concerts and you can find an ice cream shop on every corner. In the evening you can enjoy thousands of lightbulbs that truly make the Gardens feel magical, and every Saturday from May to September you can enjoy a magnificent show of fireworks.

For a couple of weeks in October, you can experience Halloween in Tivoli. The Gardens look beautiful in all of the warm colours, and you will find no less than 20.000 pumpkins among friendly ghosts, spiders and scarecrows. A lot of merchants has set op shop around the Gardens, and you can buy Halloween decorations and food and drink from the season. All the usual rides are open and they even have a couple of special Halloween rides for you to enjoy.

From the middle of November until the start of January, Tivoli is open for their Christmas season. The kids can meet Santa and see the Elfs’ workshop, and all of the shops from Halloween has changed their supply into Christmas decorations and sweets. In addition to the usual rides, you can try the Christmas rides, and the restaurant serves traditional Danish Christmas dishes. The most magical thing during Christmas in Tivoli is their light decorations all around the Gardens. You can also spend New Years Eve in Tivoli with a fireworkshow to remember.

In February, the snow has chosen to fall in Tivoli – transforming the Gardens to a winter wonderland. For Winter in Tivoli you can go ice skating, play in the big iglo or just enjoy the glittering crystals and jolly snowmen. The shops serves waffles and hot cocoa and you can explore you creativity in the workshops around the Gardens. February is also the time for Copenhagen Light Festival, and Tivoli is decorated with thousands of different light installations.

In April, you can experience Easter in Tivoli. The Gardens are filled with yellow daffodils and fuzzy Easter lambs, and you can go Easter egg hunting around the grounds. In the restaurants you can try a Danish Eater lunch and the shops sell Easter decorations for you to bring back home. The Easter season continues into the Summer season.

The rides in Tivoli

Aquila 4G 2013
Ballongyngen 10 km/h 18,7 m 4-5 min 1943
Den flyvende Kuffert 2,5–3 km/h 13 m 7,35 min 1993
Den lille Drage 3 min 2013
Det Gyldne Tårn 1,5 G 63 m 1999
Dragebådene 2000
Fatamorgana 2,5 G 45 m 3 min 2016
Dyrekarrusellen 1920
Dæmonen 62 km/h +4 G 28 m 2004
Fyrtårnet 4 m 3 min 2010
Galejen 45 km/h 1,45 min 1937
Himmelskibet 3 m/s 80 m 2006
Kamelen 26 km/h 2019
Linie 8 10 km/h 7-10 min 1969
Minen 4 min 2003
Monsunen +4,2G 12 m 2001
Nautilus 15 km/h 5,95 m 2007
Odinekspressen 1985
Pandaen 5,5 m 2000
Radiobilerne 10 km/h 3 min 1964
Rutschebanen 60 km/h 12,6 m 2,15 min 1914
Skærsilden 1952
TikTak 3 min 2018
Stjernetårnet 12 m 3 min 2013
Tempeltårnet 9 m 2000
Vertigo 100 km/h 5,2 G 45 m 3 min 2009
Veteranbilerne 6 km/h 1959


Tivoli Gardens

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